Thursday, November 10 2016 18:12 EET
Mass anti-Trump protests started across U.S. - video from marches in the biggest U.S. cities with "No racist USA" and "Not My President" shouts
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Thousand marches against newly elected president Trump, burning effigies and blocking traffic swept across the United States.

More than 120 people were arrested across the U.S. as thousands took to the streets to protest Republican Donald Trump's surprise presidential election win, Uatoday reports.

Demonstrators marched in at least 25 cities, chanting "Not my president" and blasting his controversial campaign rhetoric.

In several cities protesters blocked traffic, started fires and clashed with police.

New York City

Thousands filled streets in midtown Manhattan as they made their way to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Hundreds of others gathered at a Manhattan park and shouted "Not my president."  Protesters are coming in several waves.


In downtown Chicago, an estimated 1,800 people marched through the city's downtown and gathered outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower, chanting phrases like "No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA."

Washington, D.C.

Protesters filled the streets in Washington, D.C., and gathered outside the newly-opened Trump hotel. People were heading towards the White House.

Los Angeles

Hundreds of people took to the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Many protesters gathered at City Hall, where they burned a piñata of Trump.


An estimated 10,000 anti-Trump protesters crowded in Boston downtown. Protesters chanted "Not My President," "No Fascist," and "We Will Not Be Silenced."

Boston police report no violence and no arrests during anti-Trump protest night that drew thousands. Police estimated 10,000 people in Boston were taking part in protests against Donald Trump's win.

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