Thursday, November 10 2016 17:32 EET
Poroshenko prolonged effect of Agreement between Ukraine and Netherlands on International mission concerning investigation of MH-17 crash
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Petro Poroshenko signed the Law adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine on the ratification of the Agreement (in the form of the exchange of notes) between Ukraine and the Netherlands on prolongation of the effect of the Agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands on the International Mission to protect investigation of July 28, 2014 until August 1, 2017 (№1688-VIII).

This Agreement creates necessary legal framework for the further activity of the International Mission to Protect Investigation established in July 2014 that will facilitate prompt completion of the investigation into the MH17 tragedy.

The document has been elaborated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and submitted by the President of Ukraine for consideration by the Parliament.

The Agreement shall take effect upon receiving the last written notice of the fulfillment of the necessary internal procedures by the parties.

Earlier reported that Joint Investigation Team has 100 suspects of the individuals, who were involved in the downing of MH17.

Also JIT claimed that Buk air defense system was brought into Ukraine from Russia before it downed flight MH17 and was in the hands of pro-Russian militants.

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