Thursday, November 10 2016 17:19 EET
Poroshenko congratulated Donald Trump on winning presidential elections in USA and invited the newly elected President to Ukraine
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Petro Poroshenko congratulated Donald Trump on winning the presidential elections in the United States that took place on November 8.

“My sincere congratulations to Donald Trump on being elected President of the United States and to the friendly American nation on democratic expression of will. This is a symbol of true democracy when nobody knew the results of the elections until the very last moment. And this is a feature of true democracy always professed and promoted by our reliable and strategic American partners and friends,” the Head of State at the meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

Petro Poroshenko emphasized that winning the highest office in the state, the new President of the United States also assumed responsibility for the global leadership of the United States in the democratic world.

Poroshenko has once again expressed appreciation for the support of Ukraine by the political forces of the United States demonstrated by the American people, Congress, Senate, President and Administration. The President is hopeful that the U.S. would continue to provide that support in two important spheres - struggle of Ukrainians against Russian aggression, for freedom and independence, restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as in the implementation of large-scale reforms in various spheres, starting from the fight against corruption, energy sector reform, ensuring the rule of law, implementation of constitutional amendments on justice, reformation of public procurement system, security and defense etc.

The President emphasized that the abovementioned elements of Ukrainian-American bilateral interaction and the feeling of strong support in strengthening international solidarity were designed to remain fundamental to our strategic partnership. Petro Poroshenko also expects that the Commission for Strategic Partnership would restore its functioning shortly.

The President invited the newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump to visit Ukraine.

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