Monday, November 7 2016 19:40 EET
Maple Arch 2016: multinational exercise of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Canada kicks off in Ukraine
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The International Peacekeeping and Security Centre hosted an opening ceremony of Maple Arch 2016 exercise. Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Canada delegated more than 200 soldiers for participation in it.

“Maple Arch 2016 multinational exercise strengthens cooperation and interaction with Polish, Lithuanian, and Canadian Armed Forces. Ukrainian soldiers have valuable combat experience and are ready to share it with military partners. I am sure the joint efforts will be efficient and successful,” Lt.Col. Ihor Skybyuk, Ukrainian co-director of the exercise, stressed.

Military maneuvers will last about two weeks.

“Ongoing global situation and situation in eastern Europe requires these exercises, as national security can be ensured thanks to participation in collective security. Trained, combat-ready military component is the most important condition to observe international law and execute international treaties. Participation in Maple Arch contributes to formation of guarantees and hence we demonstrate our readiness to respond to crisis, hybrid threats, train multinational components and national elements of defence system,” Col. Volodymyr Shvorak, Commander of 80th separate assault airborne brigade participating in this exercise, said.

Earlier reported that the final planning conference of Maple Arch 2016 discussed and agreed evolutions to be held in November, as well as toured the international centre infrastructure.

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