Friday, November 4 2016 20:27 EET
Ukraine tests a new missile launcher ‘Grom’: characteristics are classified
Ukraine, new missile launcher, ‘Grom’, characteristics,  Pavlohrad Chemical Plant, Yuzhne,  Sapsan missile launcher, Ukrainian army

Developers of Pavlohrad chemical plant has been working on the project since 2013, 112 TV channel reports.

Ukraine’s state-run defense enterprise Pavlohrad Chemical Plant and Yuzhne design bureau developed the missile launcher ‘Grom’ (Ukrainian for ‘thunder’). 

The new military vehicle will be produced both for an unspecified foreign customer and perhaps the Ukrainian army. Leonid Shyman, the CEO and Chief Designer of Pavlohrad Chemical Plant, said this as quoted by Radio Liberty.

According to him, the Grom project was initiated so as to substitute Sapsan missile launcher; the government had shut down this project in 2013.

The new vehicle's combat characteristics are classified for now.

Earlier reported that combat module ”Vij” for “Dozor-B” with rate of fire in 50 shots per second presented – Video.

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