Friday, November 4 2016 20:08 EET
IS militants destroyed the second Russian assault helicopter Mi-35 in four months with a guided missile - video
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One more Russian top notch helicopter destroyed in Syria by terrorists of ISIS.

The Islamic State declared Thursday evening downing a Russian helicopter in Homs eastern countryside, without giving details about the fate of the pilot and the crew, Uatoday reports.

IS-linked media outlet 'Amaq' agency said that the organization was able to destroy a Russian top notch multi-purpose combat helicopter near the Syrian village Howeisis area in Homs eastern countryside after targeting it with a guided missile, located northwest of Palmyra city.

Later 'Amaq' released a dramatic footage of an explosion of Russian Mi-35, South Front reports. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Mi-35 was ‘delivering a humanitarian aid' in the area when it was downed because of a technical failure. ISIS militants shelled the landing site with mortars and ‘damaged the helicopter'. The incident took place on November 3.

South Front also states, that Mi-35 was also hit with an anti-tank guided missile. Video shows that the Mi-35 was blown up as result of the shelling.

As reported, the Mi-35's crew (2 men) survived the incident and returned safely to the Russian Khmeimim Airbase in the province of Latakia. The second helicopter that could be observed in the video was a search and rescue mission that had appeared on the scene to take the crew of downed Mi-35 helicopter. Also GAZ ‘Tigr' and KamAZ BMP-97 ‘Vystrel' Russian armored vehicles seen on the site.

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