Friday, November 4 2016 19:49 EET
From pillows on the sofa to cups in the kitchen: Poroshenko underlined that society must know sources of money of e-declarants
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The President of Ukraine emphasized that e-declaration was an extremely important step in fighting corruption.

“Many of those who submitted declarations included cash sums believing that it is a zero declaration that will help them avoid inspection. But the key point is to summarize what has been done over the past 25 years. And now you must explain where you took the money,” Petro Poroshenko said at the International Economic Forum in Lviv.

The President emphasized: “Society has the right to know that. We shouldn’t struggle against rich men, as somebody may guess. We should struggle against criminals who take apartments, cars, villas, planes being civil servants”. According to him, e-declaration is an important step that started with the President who had to declare everything – from pillows on the sofa to cups in the kitchen.

At the same time, Petro Poroshenko doesn’t agree with the necessity of e-declarations of military.

“I do not understand why servicemen who defend the country with weapons in their hands must submit e-declarations starting from January 1. They have plenty of things to do,” he said adding that the activity of public servants must be transparent.

Earlier reported that Ukrainians were shocked with piles of wealth in e-declarations of civil servants: cash, gold, jewellery.

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