Monday, October 31 2016 20:16 EET
Cash, gold, jewellery in e-declarations of civil servants: Ukrainians shocked with piles of wealth
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The deadline for filing the declaration for 2015 is over. Now all the country can dip down the thousands of documents and enjoy all the vanity of those in power. Social media exploded with comments.

The majority of Ukrainians after revealing of e-declarations can only describe the political life as 'Laughter through tears', reports

The most interesting reaction of Internet users underlined the total discontent by the lie of the land in Ukraine`s politics.

Ok, we all saw already that we have only rich people in power. So, they probably will not steal more. Because, like, they are all rich already, why would they pilfer more?.. Right?.. Let's vote the way we did before.

Your face, when you spent all night adjusting your watches collection to winter time.

Now I understand why MPs have 500 m2 apartments –they need space to keep bags with cash.

Keep reading the declarations. Now I see that being husbands of wives of MPs is the best that happened to most of MPs in their life.

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