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The role of Surkov in Ukraine and why Girkin is so critical of him
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Andrey Piontkovsky, Russian political scientist in an interview with ONLINE.UA why Russia needed to get rid of Motorola, on Surkov's role in the Kremlin, and failure of Novorossiya project, reports

- Hackers from the Ukrainian group "Cyber Hunta" claim to have hacked two email accounts belonging to Vladislav Surkov, the Kremlin's longtime grey cardinal and Putin's aide, and released a cache of more than 2,000 emails. Do you believe these emails are authentic or fake?

- My contention is that the documents are original. Especially after the same opinion was voiced by Bellingcat, which independently investigated the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777. [Several expert groups claimed the hacks seem to be authentic, including Bellingcat, Council, InformNapam. Authenticity of the correspondence was confirmed by one of its figurants, who lives in London, the Russian businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin - ONLINE.UA]

After Surkov's passports were published, I am 90 percent sure these are original papers that can be transferred to the Hague court.

- How would you describe a role of Vladislav Surkov in Vladimir Putin's system of power?

- This is a man who was seated to the left of Putin at the recent meeting of Normandy Quartet in Berlin. Foreign Minister Lavrov, our Ribbentrop, was sitting to the right. If we continue this analogy, Surkov is Himmler [Nazi war criminal, SS Reichsführer, - ONLINE.UA]. He is a war criminal, who is respected by Putin. Surkov is on the sanctions list, but Putin insisted, threatening to disrupt the meeting, on Surkov's participation. Even Putin's foreign policy advisor Ushakov was not present at the meeting table, because Surkov is Putin's number one henchman on all issues related to Ukraine.

- What is Surkov's aim in Ukraine?

- Surkov has no aims in Ukraine. Had they told him to love Ukraine, he would have loved it. They told him to destabilize the country – so he has been destabilizing it.

Surkov is Putin's expensive mercenary who has already committed a lot of crimes. Their strategic goal is to prevent Ukraine's development according to the European pattern. It is more important than any territory or Crimea. When Putin bribed Yanukovych he was not going to seize Crimea. But then everything had changed – he expected to occupy the whole Novorossiya [Ukraine's southern and eastern regions]. But he had failed due to a number of reasons. The main one is that he was not supported by the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine.

Now his task is to block the European development of the country, to implant the bandit "Lugandonia" [derogatory name for the occupied areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions] into the body of Ukraine. They want to lure the Ukrainian leadership with an illusion of restoration the country's territorial integrity.

- Why Russian nationalists, Girkin for example, are so critical of Surkov?

- Excuse me, Girkin criticized not Surkov, but Putin. Strelkov, Borodai, as well as Russian fascists such as Yegor Prosvirnin, they all criticize Putin. They believe that it was necessary to march on Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev and Lvov.

- Who is behind the assassination of the Russian "media mercenary" Motorola?

If there was only one for Motorola, I would have to choose between Ukrainian and Russian secret services. But this is not for the first time. You remember Batman, Mozgovoi and others. Even Russian propaganda does not say that it was done by Ukrainian special services. It was organized by Surkov, on Putin's order. This is a liquidation of, as you said, uncontrollable media people. Those who are less manageable than Zakharchenko and Plotnitskiy [leader of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics]. Those are ready for any turns in the Kremlin's party line.

- What tools to destabilize Ukraine are now at Surkov's disposal?

There aren't any. Because the position of Poroshenko and officially Kyiv on the interpretation of the Minsk agreements is becoming increasingly hard. Poroshenko demonstrated a worthy resistance to the pressure by Merkel and Hollande. And his recent statements that there can be no elections until the bandits do not leave the governing posts, suggest that Ukraine did not swallow the bait of imaginary restoration of its territorial integrity.

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