Friday, October 28 2016 20:38 EEST
Russian aviation conducted drill airstrikes aiming at destroying strategic objects in Ukraine - intelligence
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Military aviation exercises in Belarus airspace involved A-50U, TU-160, TU-22m3 and SU-34. Aircrafts were spotted along the Ukrainian-Belarus border.

Russian aviation drilled airstrikes on Ukrainian targets in the airspace of Ukraine, reported the Head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukrainian Defense Ministry Vadym Skibitsky, reports 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"Russian leadership doesn’t give up their plans towards Ukraine and continues preparing to the full-scale offensive against our country. Russian combat airplanes trained massive airstrikes against strategic objects on the territory of Ukraine in the airspace of Belarus on October 26 on the basis of the obligations of the Republic of Belarus within the borders of the allied governments," reported Skibitsky.

According to Skibitsky, Ukrainian military intelligence spotted the A-50U airborne radar warning and guidance system along the Belarus state border, monitoring the airspace in North-Western part of Ukraine and directing the combat aviation to the target. The TU-164 bomber and two long-range bomber aircrafts TU-22m3 of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed the flights along the state border of Ukraine and simulated missile launches, two tactical bombers SU-34 trained missile and bombing raids.Previously Vadym Skibitsky reported that the Intelligence spotted 40 Grad rocket systems in the places where armaments were to be withdrawn. Besides Skibitsky said that more than 70 tanks were spotted in 15-km demarcation line "and more than 70 guns for self-propelled guns in 25-km zone.

Picture - Russian aviation drilled airstrikes on Ukrainian targets

Also Vadym Skibitskiy told that 35000 militants and 6000 Russian military staff involved in the occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Earlier reported the latest national development – 3-D surveillance radar 79K6 “Pelican” was successfully tested when conducting military exercises “Rubizh-2016”. “Pelican” performs two main tasks: air defence – defines location of enemy air targets and transfers them to domestic fighters for immediate reaction and destruction of the enemy; as part of AA missile system – defines location of enemy vehicles

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