Thursday, October 27 2016 20:38 EEST
Putin about war in Syria: Russia is showing restraint but our patience has limits - you'll end up on the losing side
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Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russia was showing restraint in Syria, but the patience may run out and the responce will be unpredictable, in some way may lead to unspecified actions. according to Reuters.

"We ... don't respond to our partners in such a rude way. But everything has its limits. We may respond," Putin told an audience at the Valdai International Discussion Club in southern Russia on Thursday, UNIAN reports. 

He made the comments after accusing the U.S.-led coalition of violating a ceasefire agreement by bombing Syrian government forces in September,.

Putin also said Russia and the U.S. could have cooperated in Syria, but "forces in Washington" derailed this outcome, in favor of working with extremists in pursuit of various geopolitical aims.

"Extremists are clever," Putin warned, "but by flirting with them, you'll end up on the losing side."

Early reported  the West have become accustomed to Russia's two interventions, according to National Interest.

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