Thursday, October 27 2016 19:57 EEST
Decision of huge social importance: Poroshenko explained the necessity to increase minimum wage in twice
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Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian President, noted that after a thorough discussion with Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, a crucial political decision of huge social importance had been adopted. According to him, it is a common position of the Head of State, Government and coalitional factions.

“Along with building the Armed Forces, the first priority of the government is to fight poverty at the first opportunity. The aggression of Russia against our state is not an excuse for delaying reforms in war conditions,” he noted.

According to the President, it is inadmissible that a man working full time earns the same sum of money as unemployed Ukrainians being on the dole.

“Starting from January 1, 2017, there will be no employed people in Ukraine who earn less than 3200 hryvnias. Moreover, I addressed the Government and Parliament to make every effort for this decision not to increase a single tax, first of all it is related to small and medium business,” the Head of State added.

Petro Poroshenko says that the given decision concerns over 4 million employed Ukrainians whose salary equals 1450 hryvnias today. According to him, public sector will find proper resources in the state budget and private sector will have a strict rule banning salaries less than 3200 hryvnias per month.

“This decision is struggle against poverty and protection of employed people. Separation of minimum wage from calculation of subsistence level provides faster growth of minimum wage in the coming years,” the President said.

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