Monday, October 24 2016 20:24 EEST
Air defence of Ukraine: Military successfully tested latest radar system “Pelican”
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The latest national development – 3-D surveillance radar 79K6 “Pelican” was successfully tested when conducting military exercises “Rubizh-2016”.

Specialists of UkrOboronProm SE “Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra” were engaged in development and production of the new military equipment. New radar is a mobile military equipment, time to deploy the new equipment – 30 minutes. Weight – about 17 tons.

“Pelican” performs two main tasks: air defence – defines location of enemy air targets and transfers them to domestic fighters for immediate reaction and destruction of the enemy; as part of AA missile system – defines location of enemy vehicles; range – up to 400 km.

During military exercises “Rubizh-2016” radio-technical battalion of the radio-technical troops – providing air space control – used the latest domestic development 79K6 “Pelican” for the first time.

“The station is powerful and a very easy to use. Our hope is quite justified,” – said senior lieutenant Oleksiy Gurmach.”Pelican” demonstrated reliability and outstanding technical performance. After military exercises the station will be used to protect the airspace over the south of Ukraine.

Armed Forces of Ukraine received 119 pieces of military equipment and armament from UkrOboronProm enterprises. In years the Armed Forces of Ukraine received about 13,000 units of armament and military equipment froim Ukroboronprom.

Early reported military engineers built 560 m span pontoon bridge over the Dnieper River during Rubizh 2016.

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