Monday, October 24 2016 20:16 EEST
Video: Last monument of Communist leader Lenin in Ukraine overturned due to de-communisation process
Video, monument, Lenin, Ukraine, toppled, de-communisation,  Novhorod-Siversky, Chernihiv region

The last standing monument to Communist leader Vladimir Lenin has been dismantled in the town of Novhorod-Siversky, Chernihiv region.

The local monument has survived 2.5 years of de-communisation efforts across Ukraine, UNIAN reported.

Apparently, local authorities were in no hurry to implement the relevant law on de-communisation, but local activists were too persistent to resist.

The monument to Lenin was sent for storage. If there are no bids to buy it off, local authorities will order to retreat 4.5 tonnes of non-ferrous metals off the monument.

Early reported Soviet leader Lenin toppled in annexed Crimea.

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