Monday, October 24 2016 19:59 EEST
Negotiations in raised voice between Poroshenko and Putin during Normandy Four meeting: Peskov shared the details
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According to him, no one turned on their caps lock voice during Normandy Four meeting

No one among the leaders of the four countries raised their voice during talks in the Normandy format. This was announced by press secretary of the Russian President Dmitriy Peskov, 112 TV channel reports.

"There was no conversation in a raised voice”, Peskov told reporters. “Of course, the conversation was difficult, but at the same time business enough and constructive”.

Earlier, media wrote that Poroshenko raised his voice at Putin during negotiations, demanding to stop the fire in the Donbas region. The president of Ukraine himself stressed that he did asked Putin to stop shelling, but said that he never raises his voice.

Early reported Poroshenko underlined that everyone can criticize Minsk, but nobody offers an alternative, except for leaving territories forever and Ukrainian side is not going to do that.

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