Friday, October 21 2016 21:02 EEST
Normandy Four talks "lowered risk" of Russia’s offensive in Donbas - diplomatic source
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The Normandy Four dinner in Berlin has reduced the likelihood of Russia’s large-scale offensive on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbas, a source in diplomatic circles.

The source has said that during the talks, the Ukrainian delegation received assurances from the Russian side that Moscow would contribute to the settlement of the conflict within the framework of Minsk agreements, reports Unian.

Another source said that the general atmosphere of negotiations and the very fact that Russia was drawn in to participate in the four-party talks contribute to the peaceful settlement in eastern Ukraine.

As reported earlier, the Normandy Four leaders focused on the development and coordination of the "road map" of implementation of Minsk agreements.

However, according to sources, it is unlikely that the draft road map will be approved before November-end, as it was previously announced by the Normandy Four top diplomats, claiming it was obvious that the preparation of the document required more time. Read also Klimkin: First elections in Donbas, then transfer of border control Major shifts were seen regarding the humanitarian bloc.

In particular, at the insistence of the German side, access of ICRC officials was allowed to the Ukrainian prisoners in Donbas, which Russia has long resisted. 

Early reported the number of shellings is increasing: Mariupol region becomes the epicenter of war in Ukraine,Turchynov claimed,

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