Friday, October 21 2016 20:56 EEST
Klimkin: Border control 'on second day' after election
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Ukraine should regain control of its eastern border with Russia ‘on the second day' after local election', the country's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said Friday while addressing lawmakers in the Parliament.

This logic has always been dictated by Minsk, Pavlo Klimkin added.

Until that happens, the border must be monitored by OSCE observers, in accordance with the Minsk agreements.

‘So first OSCE fully monitors the border, a plan on the return of the border is created, and on the second day after the election the border to be controlled by Ukrainian border patrol service', Klimkin said.

He added that such logic has always been dictated by the Minsk agreements.

‘Nobody will allow to change the Minsk deal for our benefit and nobody will allow to change the order of the steps', Klimkin said.

Early reported about the main outcome of Normandy four meeting: parties agreed to elaborate roadmap for implementation of Minsk agreements.

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