Thursday, October 20 2016 21:15 EEST
Russian Nazi Yan Petrovsky, who was taking part in Donbas conflict, arrested in Norway
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Yan Petrovsky is a Russian mercenary, who was participating in Donbas conflict in eastern Ukraine, fighting against Ukrainian army for pro-Russian separatists.

29-year-old Yan Petrovsky, a rebel from Rusich battalion, known for  its radical far-right views, supported pro-Russian forces, during the war in Ukraine. The criminal was detained in Norway by the police, reports

Authorities established his connections with Nazi movement in the country. Petrovsky has lived in Norway since 2004. After Russia`s  annexetion of Crimea Petrovsky went to take part in the riot in Donbas. He participated in military actions from the start of Donbas clashes.

He became known after public revelations on his page in social media, where he showed his military experience and pictures of war crimes. On one of the photos, he poses near a burning body of a Ukrainian soldier.

The mercenary was detained according to the immigration law. He is accused of violating it by staying for too long outside the country.

Rusich battalion, supporting so called Peoples Republics in Donbas, was notorious for its Nazi ties. Many of its members were accused of war crimes, were known for their cruelty and violence not only towards oppossing side, but even to animals.

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