Tuesday, October 18 2016 21:17 EEST
Ukraine`s integrity is 'the goodwill of Russian leadership' - deputy of Russia's State Duma
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Vyacheslav Nikonov, a deputy of Russia's State Duma and lawmaker expressed his vision concerning the possible future of Ukraine as a state. In his statement Russia`s politician underlined the only reason why Ukraine is still existing as a political formation and how the usual order can be destroyed.

Minsk agreements is the only factor that keeping Ukraine alive, Russia's deputy stated and Ukraine must be thankful for its territorial integrity 'to the goodwill of Russian leadership'.

Ukraine can lost its independence as Russian Duma threatens to "put an end" to Ukraine's territorial integrity, reports Uatoday.tv.

Russian deputy considers that Donbas conflict could be a determining factor, forming Ukraine`s destiny and only Kiev is responsible for the adverse consequences of steps undertaken.

"I think if people in Kiev were sane, they would not have staged such acts of terrorism [killing of Motorola], and would certainly not be happy about his death. It seems to me that it was one of the last steps towards independence of L/DPR [self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics considered terrorist organisations by Kyiv]. In the end, the Minsk process is the only thing that holds them de jure a part of Ukraine, although de facto they have seceded long time ago," Nikonov said speaking to one of the Russia's propaganda channels.

At the same time Kremlin`s official position does not coincide with glorification of murdered Motorola according to Peskov.

Nikonov also noted that "when the last threads that are somehow legally binding Ukraine and Donbas are cut, Kiev has to appreciate these threads, the Minsk process, and an opportunity to meet with Putin."

Also Duma`s representative claimed that pro-Russian militants are not going to put up with the current things and they would be ready to act in the nearest future, connecting Russia`s and Donbas patience.

"Patience of Donbas is not unlimited, and I am sure that Russian patience is not unlimited as well. Now the territorial integrity of Ukraine ... in fact, it exists only owing to the goodwill of the Russian leadership, but this goodwill begins to dry out quickly," the deputy noted.

"One shot, another shot - and the Minsk process is stopped. In this case, Russia make such steps, which will really put an end to the territorial claims," Nikonov threatened.

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