Tuesday, October 18 2016 20:04 EEST
Poroshenko told how to provide the political package of Minsk agreements: two absolutely important components were mentioned
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President Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that the approval of the road map of the Minsk agreements implementation during tomorrow’s meeting in the Normandy format is a common position of Ukraine, Germany and France.

According to the Head of State, it is impossible to switch to the political package without two absolutely important components and strict sequence of steps – withdrawal of troops and release of hostages.

“This is what the agreements are all about,” the President said.

Answering the question of journalists about the elections in Donbas, the President stressed that the elections would be possible only after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine.

“In no country of the world can the elections take place in the presence of foreign occupational troops,” Petro Poroshenko noted.

“I cannot imagine how we can provide local elections in the presence of Russian troops. We already had such type of so-called elections in Crimea when 50 thousand Russian military were present in Crimea and organized so-called referendum. This is their understanding of democratic elections,” the President added.

Early Putin confirmed his participation in Normandy meeting: Poroshenko has a gloomy forecast.

Russian president agreed to take part in the long-expected Normandy Four summit, after the period of uncertainty, caused by Russian party, considering the necessity of the upcoming meeeting, as Moscow and Kyiv were locked in a stalemate over how and when the deal should be implemented. 

Negotiations will be held in Berlin, Germany on 19th October. Parties will gather again to finally find a political solution for Donbas conflict, whereas Ukrainian president Poroshenko has a gloomy forecast and did not express optimistic notes for Ukraine peace talks.

“Yes, I am optimistic about the future of Ukraine. But, unfortunately, I am not so optimistic regarding tomorrow’s meeting. However, I would be very pleased to be amazed,” Petro Poroshenko said during the conversation with journalists in the course of the official visit to Norway answering the questions about tomorrow’s meeting in the Normandy format.

Minsk peace deal, brokered by the European leaders in February 2015, failed to stop the violence in Ukraine's Donbas.

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