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Who was interested in Motorola`s murder: main versions
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Pro-Russian separatists’ warlord of ‘Sparta’ Motorola killed in his own house by the bomb blast, set in the elevator. The bomb went off in an elevator of the house where Arsen Pavlov lived. At the moment of explosion Motorola with his bodyguard were in the epicenter and got injuries incompatible with life. The bomb had a homemade nature, the material of explosive has not been identified yet, but the power of blast partially destroyed the elevator.

'Ministry of defence' of so called 'DPR' after confirmation of Motorola`s death immediately accused Ukrainian side of operation, carried out by sabotage-reconnaissance group, resulted inliquidation. 

After that, Ukraine’s Security Service, the SBU, also confirmed the fact of Motorola`s death, but Ukrainian side sees connectnion with internal purges inside occupational administration of Donbas, reports

According to ‘Information Resistance' analytical group the liquidation of Pavlov has become a cause of conflict between the chiefs of militant ‘security services' – "MGB" and "MVD" (State Security and Interior ‘Ministries').

"At an emergency meeting of the heads of "DPR security agencies" senior representatives of "MGB" reminded of their recent warnings about the presence of a "number of professionally trained Ukrainian sabotage groups" in Donetsk, blaming MVD failed to take exhaustive measures to neutralize them. In turn, chiefs of "MVD" accused "MGB" in passiveness, saying that the search and neutralization of saboteurs is not within the competence of "law enforcement", and proposed to dismiss the heads of "intelligence" and "anti-terrorist units" of the "MGB," analysts report.

Among other versions militants talk about showdown caused by repartition of ‘business' – Pavlov's ‘Sparta' battalion controls the remnants of Donetsk airport, where they cut and sell metal scrap. Some point on possible role of Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of the pro-Russian ‘Vostok' Battalion and defected Ukrainian special forces officer, and talk about the ‘betrayal' and ‘secret deal' between Moscow and Kyiv. Anyway militants share the thought that this assasination is not the last one and are afraid of a possible Ukrainian offensive.

While the separatists have blamed Kyiv in all cases, many analysts believe Moscow could be behind such killings, reports RFE/RL

"Moscow may want to give the [separatist groups] more acceptable civilian faces not directly implicated in MH17 or war crimes," Alex Kokcharov, a Ukraine and Russia risk analyst at the London-based defense and security consultancy IHS Markit. An international probe found that a Russian missile fired from separatist-held territory downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014, killing all 298 people on board.

Kokcharov said that Russia might hope removing those seen as responsible could "put more pressure on Kyiv" to make concessions in efforts to end the conflict and resolve the status of the separatist-held areas under the Minsk agreement, signed in February 2015.

Kokcharov suggested the killing could further reduce the chances of implementation of the already frayed Minsk deal and lead to an increase in fighting. Regardless of who killed Pavlov, he said, his death "gives a pretext for [the separatists] to accuse Kyiv and escalate the conflict."

Using a colloquial name for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, a pro-Kremlin Russian analyst, Igor Korotchenko, said on Twitter: "In light of recent events, a new round of war in the Donbas, unfortunately, becomes almost inevitable."

Early reported militants vow revenge after Motorola`s death: separatist`s leader of battalion ‘Somali' Givi promised to destroy the Ukrainian cities

Also OSCE claimed it is not able to confirm 'Sparta' warlord`s murder.

Russian and Ukrainian leaders, along with their French and German counterparts, are considering meeting in Berlin on October 19 to seek progress on the Minsk agreement, but Moscow and Kyiv are locked in a stalemate over how and when the deal should be implemented.

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