Monday, October 17 2016 18:39 EEST
The second militant, killed with the blast together with 'Motorola', became known
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The 16th October, pro-Russian separatists’ warlord of ‘Sparta’ Motorola killed in his own house by the bomb blast, set in the elevator.

The bomb went off in an elevator of the house where Arsen Pavlov lived. At the moment of explosion Motorola with his bodyguard were in the epicenter and got injuries incompatible with life. The bomb had a homemade nature, the material of explosive has not been identified yet, but the power of blast partially destroyed the elevator.

Social media discuss who was the second victim, served as bodyguard in batallion ‘Sparta’. Two names were given, both of armed unit 'Sparta' members, who fought against Ukraine since 2014.

The first possible victim is Teimuraz Gogiashvili, separatist of the first wave.

The most probable victim is Motorola`s bodyguard Gadliya Evgeniy, or 'Goga'. 

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