Thursday, October 13 2016 20:54 EEST
Steinmeier is not optimistic: No conditions for elections in Donbas so far
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German Foreign Minister again stresses the need to negotiate political package of Minsk.

There are no conditions for holding elections in the occupied territories of eastern Ukraine, but parties to the conflict should be constantly involved in the negotiation process to make them possible.

That is how Germany's Foreign Minister and the current OSCE chairperson Frank-Walter Steinmeier replied to a question from Volodymyr Ariev, the head of the Ukrainian delegation in PACE, reports

"You're right, now we cannot claim there are conditions for elections, but this does not mean that we do not have to work on them," said the minister.

"We must continue this work, sparing neither time nor effort. I hope we will have time and effort to agree on a law that will allow holding elections," he added.

Steinmeier reiterated the need to negotiate the political package of Minsk.

"The political package contains two or even three documents - the law on the special status, amnesty and elections ... At the moment we cannot talk about the elections, but we must remember that we also have no alternative to the Minsk agreements,"- Steinmeier stated.

Early Putin for the first time acknowledged Russia`s involvement in Donbas conflict: We were forced to protect Russian-speaking people in Donbas.

Also Poroshenko told about phone conversation with Joseph Biden: Donbas was on the agenda. 

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