Wednesday, October 12 2016 21:06 EEST
Klimkin: Russia`s aim of hybrid warfare is to fragment Europe
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Ukrainian Foreign Minister believes transatlantic community has sufficient resources in order to give a proper response

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that Russia has been conducting a consistent hybrid warfare to fragment Europe. He expressed this opinion at the VI National expert forum of the Gorshenin Institute, reports 112 Ukraine TV Channel.

"We have been discussing the US elections, the elections in Europe for a year. We are all aware that there is a referendum in Italy, possible third election in Spain, next week the king will have consultations, elections in the Netherlands, and the presidential and parliamentary elections in France and Germany. Russia conducts the hybrid warfare very consistently to fragment Europe. Not to just weaken it, but tear it apart, because it is easier to manipulate that Europe", Klimkin said.

At the same time he is convinced that Europe has the resources to give a proper answer.

"I believe that today the transatlantic community’s resources are sufficient to create the right answers. As I see it, it is not even terrorism or migration flows that is the real challenge for the EU, but the logic of how policy of European consensus will operate in Europe. If the EU succeeds, the EU will be very effective friend and partner and a point of attraction for us. I think that Ukraine is the part of Europe mentally, historically and economically", Ukrainian Foreign Minister stressed.

Early President of PACE wanted to turn back Russia to Assembly, while Ukraine is opposing and disrupts the quick return.

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