Wednesday, October 12 2016 20:59 EEST
After veto of the UN Security Council resolution Russia continues the bombing of Aleppo: bunker buster bombs totally destroy the city
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At least 25 people are killed, children among them. Russian planes renewed bombing of Syrian city Aleppo, Syrian activists report. On October 12th, attackers used bunker buster bombs in the eastern part of the city.

Local department of "Doctors without borders" organization reports that there are only 11 ambulances left in Aleppo. Others were destroyed during shellings or do not have necessary repair parts. There are still 275 thousand people living in Aleppo, reports

The bombings renewed after a short ceasefire, called by the Syrian government, partly to allow civilians to leave rebel areas in the east of the city.

Last week, Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution drafted by France calling for an end to the bombing in Aleppo. On Monday, the French foreign minister has said he will ask the International Court of Justice to investigate possible war crimes in Syria. The next day, on October 11th, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned that Russia could turn into an international pariah if it continues its Syrian politics. Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled a planned visit to France.

Video from Aleppo

Early Russia deployed advanced anti-missile system in Syria to prevent any American cruise missile attack.

Also reported  about what consequences could Russia face in light of war in Syria.

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