Wednesday, October 12 2016 20:18 EEST
Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine Reichel: Germany knows who the aggressor is
Ambassador, Germany, Ukraine, Reichel, Minister of Defence, Poltorak,  Donbas, east of Ukraineб  weaponry withdrawal

Minister of Defence of Ukraine, General Poltorak holds talks with German Ambassador to Ukraine Mr Ernst Wolfgang Reichel.

Minister of Defence of Ukraine congratulated Ambassador of the German Embassy to Ukraine on his appointment and stressed the Ukrainian leadership paid much attention to development of relations with Germany.

General Poltorak briefed Mr Ambassador on the situation in Donbas and state of weaponry withdrawal.

“Germany is a key partner of Ukraine, particularly, in issues of crisis settlement in the east of Ukraine,” General Poltorak said, “Ukraine is interested in peaceful settlement of situation in the east of Ukraine.”

Ambassador Reichel mentioned that Germany knew who the aggressor was, and who an injured party was. According to him, the results of the Ukrainian army in the east of Ukraine are impressive. He also reaffirmed that Germany and France tried to restore international law in Donbas through diplomatic efforts. The Ambassador stressed the priorities for all parties were to cease fire and bring peace.

The Minister of Defence of Ukraine emphasized the importance of effective work of the OSCE SMM in the east of Ukraine, particularly, at sites of weaponry withdrawal.

The parties agreed to develop cooperation and hold regular meetings.

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