Tuesday, October 11 2016 20:54 EEST
Ballad of Infantry: dedicated to Ukrainian soldiers video deeply impressed Internet users - video
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The video clip is presented before the Day of Defender of Ukraine. It is dedicated to Ukrainian Ground Forces.

Consulting company K&K Group and TABASCO advertising agency are behind the idea of the project. The video was shot by LimeLite Studio on a training ground with the support of Ukraine's Ground Forces, while well-known Israeli filmmaker Eli Sverdlov came as director, reports Uatoday.tv.

"The video shows real people: soldiers and officers of Ukraine's Ground Forces. They are not blockbuster superheroes. When you speak with them, you see ordinary guys. But there are things that set them apart from others - genuine will and spirit. This is the power of our army. I would also like to note the enormous enthusiasm and solidarity of all the participants in the project, who are people from different areas of life. This unity once again proves that we are changing, the country is changing," says Ihnat Korobko, the project's author. 

According to the script writer Oleksandr Smirnov, this was one of the most complex screenplays ever. "We had to find a symbol for ground forces that is simple, humane, devoid of imaginary heroism and vulgarity. This symbol is the soldier shovel," Smirnov explained.

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