Tuesday, October 11 2016 20:11 EEST
Petro Poroshenko to governors: People will not wait until you earn money on deposits
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At the Regional Development Council’s session Petro Poroshenko emphasized that local budgets would have the same taxes and fees in 2017 as those in 2016. At the same time, the Head of State informed that the State Fund of Regional Development would additionally have almost UAH 9 billion.

Poroshenko reminded that in 2016, the volume of funds in the State Fund of Regional Development equaled UAH 3 billion.

“Our common decentralization program is being implemented by decisive steps and money - by deed, not by word,” Petro Poroshenko said.

The President informed that another UAH 1 billion would be allocated as subvention for the formation of infrastructure of the united territorial communities. According to him, “there are also several more surprises for territorial communities”.

At the same time, the Head of State noted that not all local authorities had learned to “use the advantages of decentralization”.

“Some of you invest in large-scale regional projects. The majority of territories build roads, infrastructure objects, educational and healthcare facilities, street illumination, waste disposal facilities. And some of you keep billions or even dozens of billions on the accounts,” the President noted.

“People will not wait until you earn money on these deposits,” the Head of State addressed the attendees.

Petro Poroshenko emphasized that tax amendments and decisions on decentralization had been made to bring the decision-making center closer to the territorial communities.

“Absence of ideas is not an excuse,” the President said. As of September 1, more than UAH 10 billion make up the balance of local budgets, according to Petro Poroshenko. 

Also Poroshenko said that  local budgets have been increased significantly due to the decentralization reform and their revenues have exceeded expenditures.

“We’ve chosen the right course. As of September 1, local budgets' surplus equals UAH 32 billion. The plan of revenues of the general fund of local budgets, excluding transfers, has been fulfilled almost by 100% in 9 months,” the Head of State informed at the Regional Development Council’s session.

Petro Poroshenko emphasized that in comparison with the previous year, the revenues of local budgets had been increased by 50% and the lion's share of those funds was allocated for the development budget. “This is what we’ve been dreaming about 2 years ago,” the Head of State stressed. Thus, we are building up infrastructure, developing transport network, constructing social facilities – kindergartens, schools etc. They are often opened in remote areas, as stated by the President.

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