Monday, October 10 2016 22:19 EEST
Major Non-NATO Ally: Ukraine announced its plans to become 17th U.S. main ally out of NATO
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Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak claimed the state is oriented towards receiving the status of a major non-NATO member U.S. ally, or MNNA.

The initiative of getting the place among countries-U.S. main allies out of NATO comes from the Military Doctrine of 2015, proclaiming commitments Ukraine is going to undertake en route of eurointegration. Among them is cooperation with NATO and future membership in the alliance and Ukraine is adopting reforms to fulfill its obligations.

"In 2015 we adopted the Military Doctrine, which defines the specific tasks. The first is the European policy. The second is NATO membership. We are working on it. Regarding the status of a particular partner, we have the task to work in this direction delegated by the president of Ukraine [Petro Poroshenko]. But we have to prove our colleagues, including NATO members, that we have a clear vision of the reforms flow in the armed forces and Defense Ministry, as they are inescapable," reports Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the minister, the negotiatings of Ukrainian party and the U.S. on this issue is in progres. 

At that moment the list of Major Non-NATO Allies includes such states as Israel, Japan, the South Korea, Argentina, New Zealand, Ausralia, Egypt and others. The MNNA status was enacted in 1989 and provides the priority in bilateral relationships, possibility to take part in mutual security initiatives and carrying out mutual military researchings, participation in a number of limited counter-terrorism measures, the limited supply of weapons, joint participation in space projects.

The map of The MNNA

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