Monday, October 10 2016 19:27 EEST
The 25th Separate Airborne Brigade undergo tactical training, aimed at improving airdrop, tactics, firearms, airborne, engineer
The 25th Separate Airborne Brigade, tactical training, airdrop, tactics, firearms, airborne, engineer, maneuvers,  Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, General Mykhailo Zabrodskyi, war in Ukraine

The 25th Separate Airborne Brigade underwent an active phase of the brigade tactical training. These drills involved reservists and military volunteers.

The personnel exercised in tactics, firearms, airborne, engineer, technical, special training, driving, and airdrop.

Airborne Troops Commanding General Mykhailo Zabrodskyi observed and praised the maneuvers and professionalism of the military.

Early reported the Ukrainian delegation  is taking part in multinational exercise “Allied Spirit V”, involving troops from 15 NATO countries.

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