Thursday, October 6 2016 20:19 EEST
Moscow: Donbas will inevitably return to Ukraine
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Russian Federation noted that integration has to go on an equal footing.

The Russian Federation supports the idea that the Donbas region should integrate into Ukraine on equal terms. This was stated by Russian Foreign Ministry European Cooperation Department Director Andrey Kelin, 112 TV Channel reports.

"We call on the Donbas region to integrate into Ukraine on equal terms, so that there was no persecution or genocide of the Russian-speaking population. The people there should get legally, constitutionally comfortable status to pass an amnesty, to get complete, not only military but also a political settlement", he said.

According to Kelin, it will help economic recovery and the creation of favorable conditions for the development of eastern Ukraine.

Kelin stressed that Russia is trying to resolve the crisis in Ukraine and help refugees. However, in his opinion, "the only sure way of dealing with the migration flow is the elimination of the causes of the crisis, rather than its consequences".

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