Wednesday, October 5 2016 19:48 EEST
"Yanukovych as an agent of Kremlin": Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine accuses ex-president of high treason
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Ukraine`s national security undergone serious threats during Viktor Yanukovych`s regime. Results of his job at president`s post clearly showed satisfaction of Russia`s interests in spheres, providing national sovereignty of Ukraine, according to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, reports UNIAN.

As the evidence Ukraine`s prosecution suggests to consider various legislative acts, adopted in interests of Russian Federation. Also vital for state`s security positions were entrusted to individuals with Russian citizenship, thus stressing the role of Yanukovych in the betrayal of national interests in favor of neighbour country.

"The activities of Viktor Yanukovych at the post of the president of Ukraine were aimed to satisfy the interests of the Russian Federation on matters relating to national security, as evidenced by decrees he had signed, the appointments of Russian citizens to key positions, and the like," the investigators say, according to the PGO press service.

"Accordingly, the activities of Viktor Yanukovych fall under Art. 255 (creation of a criminal organization) and Art. 111 (high treason) of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine," reads the statement. The prosecutors probe Viktor Yanukovych’s actions in the following areas: deliberate acts to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of defense, as well as national, economic, and information security of Ukraine.

Early Ukrainian Finance Minister claimed that negotiations with Russians over Yanukovych's $3 billion debt would be possible only in the presence of the Germany and the IMF.

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