Wednesday, October 5 2016 19:23 EEST
Withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Volnovakha caused a protest of local citizens
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About 200 people in Volnovakha, Donetsk region, expressed their dissatisfaction by means of protest and required to stop the withdrawal of government troops in this area of antiterrorist operation.

Residents of Volnovakha, Maryinka and Mariupol organized a meeting in Volnovakha. About 200 people were present. They oppose the idea to withdraw Ukrainian forces from Bohdanivka village in Donetsk region, as it may open the road for Russia-backed militants to Volnovakha, reports112 Ukraine TV channel.

The meeting went calmly and peacefully; in the end, the activists  their demands addressed to President Petro Poroshenko, sang the national anthem and left.

SMM OSCE is constantly monitoring and verifying the process of disengagement on the approved sections for the division of the parties to the conflict in accordance with the framework agreement, singed on September 21 in Minsk. The three sections 2 x 2 square meters were defined to be created near villages of Zolote, Petrivske and Stanitsya Luhanska. The effect of a treaty may be applied to other sections of the battlefront, however they are to be defined during further consultations.

The agreement works only particularly as Russia-backed militants continue to attack Ukrainian positions, using, in particular, mortars and artillery. In Zolote, the Ukrainian forces already withdrew, while in Petrivske and Zolote, the process was sabotaged by the militants.

Early Ukraine claimed withdrawal of troops was thwarted by militants near Petrovske village.

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