Wednesday, October 5 2016 19:06 EEST
Norway, the UK, French and Spain fighter jets took off simultaneously to intercept Russian TU-160 planes
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NATO scrambled its fighter jets from four European countries at the same time to intercept two Russian bombers as they were detected on their route from Norway to northern Spain and back in the sourthen Europe.

The TU-160 planes went around the airspace of each country in light of increased tension between the West and Russia. Russian bombers are frequent guests in the airspace of Europe and Nato planes are forced to regularly intercept them, saying the number of incidents is growing and tend to be dangerous, reports

The incident happened on 22 September but the full extent only came to light recently in a statement by the French ministry of defence (in French). It referred to it as an Air Policing [Baltic support] mission by the four countries involved.

 Norway first detected the two Blackjack bombers to the north and scrambled two F-16 fighters to accompany them towards the north of Scotland.

Early Washington and London  expressed concern and fear by possible WW3 in light of Putin`s order to evacuate 40 mln Russians.

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