Wednesday, October 5 2016 18:40 EEST
Verkhovna Rada urges to imply personal sanctions against Russian judges, involved with Mejlis ban
Verkhovna Rada, personal sanctions, Russian judges,  Mejlis. ban, Supreme Court, Crimean Tatars

Verkhovna Rada approved a plea to UN, OSCE, European Council and other institutions to put more pressure on Russia.

Ukrainian Parliament calls the international community to implement more sanctions against Russia. Namely, to apply personal sanctions for the judges that lobbied and supported the decision to ban Crimean-Tatar organization Mejlis, reports

Rada also called foreign entities and international organizations to assume measures on non-recognition of this ban and to prevent its implementation. Rada warned against admitting puppet Crimean Tatar organizations, made after Crimea annexation, as representative of Crimean Tatars.

Mejlis was banned as an extremist organization on April 26, 2016, by the Russian-backed court in Crimea. On September 29, this decision was backed by Supreme Court of Russian Federation. 

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