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Two U.S. Diplomats drugged in Russia during conference
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Two U.S. officials traveling with diplomatic passports were drugged while attending a UN anticorruption conference in Russia last year, and one of them was hospitalized. According to the U.S. government official, the drugged diplomats were part of a delegation of Americans attending the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, held on November 2-6 in St. Petersburg.

The incident took place at a hotel bar during a conference in St. Petersburg in November 2015, according to a U.S. government official with direct knowledge of what occurred and deepening U.S. concern about the situation, reports RFERL.

U.S. diplomats regard it as a part of definite pattern costantly happenning with American diplomats in Russia. Early in June yet another case happened, involving American foreign serviceman, when

accredited U.S. diplomat was assaulted outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. All these cases are viewed by Washington as certain model of relations, U.S. diplomats are expereincing in Russia.

The State Department suggested the harassment has become a particular concern in the past two years.

It was the first official conference in Russia that U.S. government representatives were allowed to travel to since the United States, the European Union, and their allies imposed sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

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