Monday, October 3 2016 19:24 EEST
Terrorists cynically shell the Ukrainian units during withdrawal of troops and weaponry near Petrovske village (Donbas)
Terrorists, Ukrainian army, withdrawal of troops, Petrovske village, Donbas, OSCE

Today, at 04.00 p.m., near Petrovske village, Donbas, the terrorists have cynically shelled the Ukrainian military with AGS-17 grenade launchers during withdrawal of troops and weaponry of the Ukrainian units in the framework of the Minsk agreements.

The representatives of the OSCE SMM were on site.

The withdrawal was organized as scheduled with notification of the OSCE SMM representatives and other party.

An unknown UAV was seen near the region several minutes before the shelling. It allegedly adjusted the fire.

There are no victims among the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainianunits had to stop withdrawal.

These provocations just prove the lack of wish of the pro-Russian terrorists to observe the Minsk agreements.

Early Kuchma, Ukraine’s Representative in Trilateral contact group claimed: We must put the question bluntly - whether the Minsk format is useful anymore

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