Friday, September 30 2016 17:01 EEST
Peskov about Dutch FM calling of Russia's Ambassador: "It's good news"
Peskov, Russia's Ambassador, Netherlands, Boeing  MH17 investigation,  Buk air defense system, suspects, Joint Investigation Team

Today, on 30th September, Russia's Ambassador in Netherlands was summoned to Dutch FM concerning MH17 investigation criticism came after Joint Investigation Team`s presentation, whick took place on 28th September. Press Secretary Peskov said Moscow finds a positive sign in this invitation.

The Netherlands' Foreign Ministry called Russian Ambassador after the wave of criticism of MH17 crash investigation, TASS agency reports.

"Russia's statements regarding the investigation of Boeing MH17 crash in Ukraine in 2014 became the reason for this invitation", Dutch Foreign Ministry says.

As a reason of Ambassador`s calling was stated discredit on competence, honesty and independence of Dutch investigation, brought about by Russian remarks and reffutal of officilal results of inquiry.

"By these statements, made by Kremlin, Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry representatives, Russia casted discredit on competence, honesty and independence of Dutch Prosecutor's Office. Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands notified Russian Ambassador that such unreasonable criticism is unacceptable", reads the statement.

"The Head of the Russia Embassy to the Netherlands will fully present our position on this matter", Peskov added.

Also Peskov claimed after JIT presentation that investigation of the Malaysian Boeing crash circumstances is accompanied with speculation.

Early JIT affirmed that Buk air defense system had been brought into Ukraine from Russia before it downed flight MH17. In addition, prosecutors stated that they possess a 100 suspects list of individuals allegedly involved in the downing of MH17.

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