Thursday, September 29 2016 21:17 EEST
Crimean Tatar people Mejlis is officially banned in Russia: Supreme Court of Russia upheld the decision
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"Resolution of the Supreme Court of the Crimea remains unchanged, the appeal - without satisfaction", - announced the decision the chairman of panel of judges, reports "TASS". Thus Crimean Tatar people Mejlis remained banned in Russia and is regerded as an extremist organization.

As noted, in such a way the decision to ban entered into force.

Protection of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people is going to appeal against the decision to ban and its recognition as an extremist organization. Representatives of the organization "Memorial", whose lawyers represent the interests of Mejlis are no going to put up with this decision, reports TV channel "112 Ukraine"

"In fact, today the document comes into force, because it was an appeal from the organization" Memorial ", which defended in court the representatives of Mejlis. They said that the decision is illegal, they will try to appeal, but after the decision of the Supreme Court to do this on the Russian Federation territory will be difficult ... "- said the reporter.

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