Thursday, September 29 2016 19:47 EEST
Correspondence between Donbas militants and Kremlin mentors become public, revealing direct Russian participation in Donbas conflict
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Die Zeit and the ZDF TV channel published e-mail correspondence between Russian-backed militants and Moscow mentors showing how separatists organize a propaganda campaign against Ukraine and Europe on direct order from Russia.

Russia has always refuted any kind of Moscow's influence on the Eastern Ukrainian separatists. Nevertherless documents revealed Moscow mentors are controlling the process of propaganda war and are close to Putin's administration and their representatives.

11 gigabytes of data leaked from the "Ministry of Information" of the militants prove that Russian advisors have been preparing detailed strategy, following which, the media on the militant-controlled territories should discredit the authorities in Kyiv and denounce the United States as the "instigator of the conflict in Ukraine".

Documents revealed show how Russian proxies create a propaganda in the Internet by forming a group of commentators that will publish pro-Russian posts in social media such as Facebook. The aim of this group is to create the impression that this particular agenda is common in the area.

"On the basis of the "Donetsk dossier," it gets clear that the journalists who are criticists for the Kremlin should expect persecution, the article says. For example, the militants regularly monitor the international media and make up their own blacklists – they include, for example, Reuters and The Associated Press news agencies.

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