Wednesday, September 28 2016 14:00 EEST
Dutch prosecutor’s office today makes public the results of the investigation into the MH17 tragedy
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Families of the victims came to Rotterdam for the official announcement procedure

Dutch prosecutors announce results of preliminary investigation into MH17 tragedy, reports.

The investigation group is expected to release the information about the actual site from which the missile was launched and what kind of weapon was used.

'The procedure is as follows: at first, no press will be allowed; the investigators will first talk to the families of the victims and let them ask their questions. Then, the announcement for the media will be made. They will not name the actual perpetrators of the disaster, since it is a preliminary investigation. The victims’ families we managed to speak to said they demand the Ukrainian government to explain why they didn’t shut the airspace – perhaps, even to apologize,' the reporter said.

As is known, Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines that was on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was downed over Donetsk region on July 17, 2014. 298 people were aboard. None of the passengers or the crew survived. The Ukrainian investigators who also looked into the tragedy said that the reason of the crash was the missile fired from Russian-made missile launcher Buk; one of such launchers - the same one that presumably hit the airplane - was used by Russian mercenaries in Donetsk region at the time.

As reported earlier by, Former Australia's PM urging Russia to own up to its role in the fatal downing of flight MH17.

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