Wednesday, September 28 2016 12:38 EEST
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Watch: SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System
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Interplanetary Transport System, formerly known as the Mars Colonial Transporter, is SpaceX's privately funded development project to design and build a spaceflight system of reusable rocket engines, launch vehicles and space capsules to transport humans to Mars and return to Earth

SpaceX began development of the large Raptor rocket engine for the Mars Colonial Transporter before 2014. As of June 2016, publicly-announced company conceptual[6] plans included the first Mars-bound cargo flight of ITS launching no earlier than 2022, followed by the first ITS Mars flight with passengers one synod later in 2024, following two preparatory research launches of Mars probes in 2018 and 2020 on Dragon/Falcon Heavy equipment.

The first crewed MCT flight to Mars is planned for 2024. 

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