Tuesday, September 27 2016 12:02 EEST
Watch! The Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump
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Full video of the first U.S. Presidential Debate 2016

The first debate took place on Monday, September 26 at New York's Hofstra University, moderated by Lester Holt of NBC. It was originally scheduled to take place at Wright State University, but was changed due to security and financial concerns.

The first presidential debate was divided into six segments, each of approximately 15 minutes in length.

The segments were on the economy and job creation, trade, the federal deficit, race relations and policing, the war on terror, the foreign policy of the United States, and each candidate's experience in the political and business realm.

The Vice presidential debate will take place on Tuesday, October 4 at Virginia's Longwood University, moderated by Elaine Quijano of CBS.

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