Tuesday, September 27 2016 11:15 EEST
Pentagon chief: 'Nuclear weapons are still needed to deter Russian threat'
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Carter has accused Russia and North Korea of nuclear and missile provocations

The head of the US Department of Defense Ashton Carter said that despite the fact that the Cold War is long over, nuclear weapons are still needed to deter Russian and other potential aggressors as they can escape from the punishment in the case of a nuclear attack, 112.international reports.

Carter also accused Russia and North Korea of the nuclear and missile provocations.

'Today, the most likely use of nuclear weapons is not a massive nuclear exchange in the style of a classic Cold War, but rather the irrational appeal to the smaller, but still unprecedentedly terrible attacks, for example, from Russia and North Korea', said Carter.

Also, US Defense Secretary said that 'the US position on the aggression against Ukraine is unwavering. The annexation of the Crimea will never be recognized, and a hybrid war against Ukraine in the Donbas region will end with a humiliating defeat for Russia'.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, North Korea conducted successful test of the nuclear weapon.

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