Friday, September 23 2016 15:30 EEST
France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia reached consensus regarding the next meeting in the Normandy format
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The date is yet to be chosen, - administration’s deputy head

Poroshenko’s administration reports that leaders of Normandy group reach consensus on next meeting, however its date depends on the actual agenda, the issues that will be discussed. Kostyantyn Yeliseev, Deputy Head of the presidential administration, said this at a briefing broadcasted by 112 Ukraine TV channel, according to

'It is true that we have consensus on the matter. The preparations for the meeting are underway,' Yeliseev said.

French President Francois Hollande also confirmed this information, accordinf to

As reported earlier by, Hollande said: 'Me and Angela Merkel took the initiative to organize the meeting with presidents of Ukraine and Russia.'

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