Thursday, September 22 2016 19:00 EEST
Canada’s ambassador in Ukraine: 'We’re doing our best to process visa libralization as soon as we can'
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Roman Vashchuk, Canada’s ambassador in Ukraine, gave interview to a Ukrainian radio station

'It’s not about implementing complete visa free regime. It’s just that we’ve got domestic law that allows liberalization of border control when it comes to accepting refugees, and there is no strict filtration of categories of people who come to Canada. So it’s more like about oprtimization of the visa regime. The regime spans ten years – as long as the foreign passport remains valid. We’re doing our best to process such visas as soon as we can’, Vashchuk told radio 'Holos Stolytsi (‘Voice of the Capital'),' repors.

This has nothing in common with the EU visa free regime. Nothing common at all. In our case, it is still too soon to speak about the visa free regime’, the Canadian ambassador said. He added that Ukraine has now a good chance to obtain the visa free regime with the EU by the end of the year.

Previously, Canadian of Ukrainian origin Mykola Kravets filed the petition to Canadian parliament, offering to cancel visas for short-term travels for Ukrainian citizens (up to 90 days). The paper collected five times more signatures than necessary for adoption by the parliament.

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees of Canada John McCallum responded to the petition, stating that Ukraine so far does not meet the respective criteria advanced by the Canadian government.

As reported earlier by, Canada immigration minister: 'Canada will not review requirements in the near future for Ukrainian nationals to be exempted from visa.'

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