Friday, September 16 2016 16:45 EEST
Poroshenko: 'We do not trade Crimea to return Donbas'
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President Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that we have no right to forget about Crimea.

'We will never agree. We do not trade Crimea to return Donbas. Neve. Crimea is the territory of Ukraine,' the President said at the 13th Yalta European Strategy Annual Meeting (YES) 'The World, Europe and Ukraine: storms of changes', presidential website reports.

The Head of State is confident that all nations support this position: 'I am confident in the support for this position by all nations. For it is a very dangerous precedent that took place in the middle of Europe in the XXI century. We have no right to have this incident in principle'.

'Having temporarily occupied Crimea, Russia is turning this Ukrainian peninsula into a military stronghold by changing voluntarily a strategic balance in the Black and Mediterranean Seas for its own benefits,' the President said and added that Crimea was emerging into a real concentration camp crafted in line with the 'best Soviet standards' of repressions and punitive medicine,

The President drew attention to the incident with Ilmi Umerov who was forced to psychiatric hospital. It vividly demonstrated criminal and cynical sense of Kremlin’s policy towards the pro-Ukrainian activists in occupied Crimea. The Head of State noted that the occupying power cannot and is not able to secure appropriate social and economic life conditions in Crimea.

'Russia’s strategy is understandable: to force the West and the world to recognize Moscow’s sovereignty over Crimea. We are even told that the Crimean issue is over and done. From the perspective of international law it has never even been opened. Crimea rightfully belongs to Ukraine,' Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

At the same time, the President added that the issue of bringing the perpetrator of international law to justice was still pending. He urged to preserve unity, as well as to activate all possible international mechanisms to de-occupy Crimea, reported.

'The key purpose is to ensure that the price of temporary occupation would rise. So as to keep illegally usurped in the hands, in reality – cynically stolen, would be as unbearably painful for the aggressor as holding the Donbas inflamed coal,' Petro Poroshenko said.

'I have already told and I would like to state it here once again: it might be time to respond to Russia’s impudence on the occupied territories, including towards the Crimean Tatars,' he noted.

As reported earlier by, Poroshenko: 'Kremlin lost, IMF’s decision demonstrates Ukraine is moving in the right direction.'

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