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Mike Huckabee: 'Clinton’s smear of half of Donald Trump supporters as a 'basket of deplorables,' racists, sexists, homophobes -- continues to rock the race'
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Mike Huckabee believes that media are galloping to Clinton's rescue

Hillary Clinton, speaking at a New York fundraiser on Friday night, said that 'you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables' referring to Trump’s support among racists, xenophobes, and sexists in America.

In this case American politician, Christian minister, author and commentator Mike Huckabee shared his opinion on his Facebook page:

'Hillary Clinton’s smear of half of Donald Trump supporters as a 'basket of deplorables' -- 'irredeemable' racists, sexists, homophobes, etc., who aren’t really Americans -- continues to rock the race. Democrats are trying to spin it as a positive, claiming that it won’t cost her the support of anyone who might have voted for her anyway (wrong, it shows undecided voters that she arrogantly assumes the worst of those who disagree with her and intends as President to represent only her supporters. In the linked story, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins ponders how that contempt for non-Hillary-approved conservatives would manifest itself in her policies).

Of course, the media are galloping to her rescue; for instance, CNN tried to pressure Mike Pence into admitting that David Duke (a former KKK leader whose support Trump has disavowed) is a 'deplorable.' The reasoning goes that if he does, then he’s conceded that some Trump supporters really are 'deplorable,' and if he doesn’t, he’s refusing to condemn a Klansman. It’s the classic 'When did you stop beating your wife?' no-win question.

Using the supposition that you can label tens of millions of people as “deplorables” if you can point to even one who actually is, then what can we extrapolate about Hillary’s supporters from the fact that she was strongly endorsed by John Bachtell, national chairman of the Communist Party USA? Does that mean that half the people supporting her are communists? (I would never say that; I don’t think she’s attracted that many Bernie Sanders supporters). Seriously, Democrats used to call these kinds of guilt-by-association and broad-brush smear tactics 'McCarthyism' and they were aghast at them back before they adopted them themselves.

The attempt to spin this glimpse into the darker side of Hillary’s psyche as a positive is as ludicrous as the other current damage-control effort to claim she’s showing inspiring feminist strength by 'powering through' pneumonia. Except she didn’t power through it, she nearly collapsed from it. These tactics show the Democrats are desperate enough to try anything to make sure her poll numbers don’t collapse, too.'

As reported earlier by, U.S. Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton is suffering from pneumonia. 

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