Wednesday, September 14 2016 15:20 EEST
Protest is underway near the building of the German Embassy in Kyiv
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Protesters want to attract international attention to releasing of Ukrainian servicemen from captivity

Protest near German Embassy in Kyiv. There are about fifty people. The protesters want to draw attention of the international community to the problem of releasing of Ukrainian prisoners, held hostage by the militants. On their opinion, Germany as a party in Normandy format negotiations can contribute to the process of solving the problem, according to

It is noted that the protesters also intend to continue their event near the French Embassy and meet with First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko near the building of the Security Service of Ukraine.

According to information of the SBU, there are about 115 citizens of Ukraine in captivity, half of them are Ukrainian servicemen. And about 500 people are still missing, according to

Earlier, the press service of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko reported that the president intends to hold a meeting with the foreign ministers of France and Germany to discuss perspectives of restoring fully-fledged activities in 'Normandy format'.

Foreign Ministers of Germany, France, United Kindom and Denmark were expected to visit Kyiv on September 14 - 15. The diplomats intended to influence the retard negotiation process in settling the conflict in East of Ukraine.

As reported earlier by, Ukraine must make concessions within the framework of the Minsk agreements, - Germany Ambassador.

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