Tuesday, September 13 2016 15:30 EEST
Luxembourg MFA demanded the exclusion of Hungary from the EU
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Foreign Minister says Hungary’s exclusion is 'only way to preserve unity and values of European Union'

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn has demanded the exclusion of Hungary from the European Union. The cause of resentment was the decision of the Hungarian authorities to build a second fence from migrants at the border. 112.international reports.

'We cannot accept that the fundamental values of the European Union are currently massively violated. Who builds protections against war refugees, or violates the freedom of the press and independence of the judicial system, should be excluded from the EU temporarily or, if necessary, for good', the politician said.'

At the same time Asselborn criticized the fence at the Hungarian border to discourage illegal border crossings by refugees. The EU cannot tolerate 'such misconduct' on the part of Hungary, the minister said. In his view, the exclusion of the country from the EU would be 'the only way to preserve the unity and values of the European Union'.

Note that according to the Lisbon Treaty the privileges of the EU states members may be suspended if the European Council unanimously votes in favor of the exception.

Recall, Hungary will build a second fence in the south of the country for the protection from migrants. The fence will be built along the existing one.

The first barbed wire fence from the refugees in Hungary was built last year along the border with Serbia and Croatia.

Add that Hungary has decided to install a second fence on the border due to the large influx of refugees. As of June at the beginning of 2016 about 18 thousand refugees crossed the Hungarian border. There were about 391 IDPs in 2015. Due to its policy on migrants Hungary has repeatedly met criticism from the EU.

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